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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help Medicare Certified Home Care agencies legitimately maximize revenue in accordance with the highest quality and ethical standards. We accomplish this by mapping correct ICD-10 diagnoses codes and insuring accuracy of OASIS answers based on clinical documentation and the latest Medicare rules and OASIS interpretations.

Company Story

Following the introduction of OASIS in 2000, Wayne Ferrin, RN, HCS-D, COS-C, founder and CEO of Home Care Answers (HCA), developed a review process specifically designed to improve accuracy and compliance of coding and OASIS data. This process is the foundation of Home Care Answers’ value proposition and has helped home health agencies nationwide capture millions of dollars in additional Medicare revenue that would have otherwise gone unclaimed due to errors in OASIS reporting.

Wayne’s development began while working with a home health agency that was suffering the negative financial impact caused by coding inaccuracies and other typical paperwork errors. He was asked to develop a strategy to reduce coding and OASIS errors and claim denials.

Wayne identified key organizational, behavioral, and knowledge-based factors influencing the effectiveness of the agency’s current coding practices. He developed a process and strategy to overcome these challenges and the results were astonishing. In the first year his new strategy eliminated all claim denials (a $300,000 savings) and increased the agency’s Medicare revenue by $600,000 – a net increase of 11% to the agency’s bottom line.

Wayne’s initial process and strategy were further refined and in 2003 they were formalized with the establishment of the company known today as Home Care Answers, LLC. Home Care Answers’ strategy relies on superior human clinical judgment to map correct ICD-10 diagnoses codes and to insure accuracy of OASIS answers based on clinical documentation and the latest Medicare rules and regulations. Home Care Answers’ superior results and compliance track record are unmatched in the industry.