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Increase OASIS Earnings
On average our clients increase their OASIS earnings nearly $300 per episode as a result of accuracy improvements in coding and OASIS answers.
Improve Patient Outcomes
Home care compare scores play a significant role in driving business to your agency. The star ratings will also play a role. Accuracy in OASIS answers is key to improving reported outcomes.
Enhance Clinical Training
Individual OASIS audit reports provide your clinicians with specific feedback on every OASIS episode.
Reduce Claim Denials
Improved accuracy of both coding and OASIS reduces denials. When you get things right and back it up with good documentation you simply don’t get claim denials.

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Natalie H
I’ve used Home Care Answers for our Home Health Coding for a few years now and could not be more impressed. They are really quick to turn the charts around and quality has been improved significantly in addition to our reimbursements.
Matthew S
When it comes to healthcare and making sure that your crossing your T's and dotting your I's when it comes to proper documentation standards that are required in our field of skilled home health, Home Care Answers is leading the way!
Shalee S
I have worked with HCA for many years and wouldn't dream of using anyone else. We utilize them for our Oasis coding and audit. They stay updated on all the new things going on. They have been an amazing resource for our Oasis questions. They are very knowledgeable and I would recommend them to everybody.