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Experience the benefits of OASIS and coding accuracy.

Home Care Answers will help your agency harness the power in OASIS to maximize reimbursement and close the gap between rising treatment costs and shrinking Medicare revenue.

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Welcome to Home Care Answers

Home Care Answers is the premiere provider of OASIS review and coding services. Our services enable home health agencies to maximize revenue, improve patient outcomes, and protect against claim denials. We assure accuracy and compliance for every OASIS episode.


On average our clients increase their OASIS earnings nearly $300 per episode as a result of accuracy improvements in coding and OASIS answers.

Home care compare scores play a significant role in driving business to your agency. The star ratings will also play a role. Accuracy in OASIS answers is key to improving reported outcomes.

Individual OASIS audit reports provide your clinicians with specific feedback on every OASIS episode.

Improved accuracy of both coding and OASIS reduces denials. When you get things right and back it up with good documentation you simply don’t get claim denials.

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Experience the benefits without the risk. Home Care Answers will evaluate and code up to 10 of your current OASIS files on a trial basis so you can experience the process and benefits and see if it’s right for you.

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