How Much Does Medicare Pay for Home Health Care per Hour?

by Keith Grunig

The first thing that most people ask themselves when considering pursuing or applying for a job is the pay.  How much does it pay?  


In this post, we'll break down what the average pay is for various home health positions.  

Home Health Team


There is a shortage of nurses in the country.  Particularly, there is a shortage of nurses in home health.  This can be a very rewarding job with many positive outcomes and relationships created.  However, the prospect of pay is always important when accepting a job in home health.  There are sometimes long hours, weekends, and emergencies, but all nurses understand that comes with the territory.

In 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the average hourly wage of a home health nurse (RN) was $34.54.  This is across the whole country, and there will be some geographic variation depending on where you live.  Current conditions may affect hourly rates due continued nurse shortages.  That is an hourly annual rate of $71,800.

However, a Nurse Practitioner's average hourly wage is $56.41.  That is an average annual rate of $117,340.  


Home Health Aides

There are many occupations within home health.  Home Health Aides are essential to the success of a patient as they help with daily tasks for the patient such as bathing, dressing, clean up, toileting, etc.  The average hourly rate for a home health aid is $11.99, or an annual rate of $24,940.


Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is essential in home health so that patients can achieve desired goals and return to normal life.  PDGM may have changed the rates slightly, however, the rate is close in 2020.  Many agencies may choose to reduce the amount of visits in home health, but that shouldn't affect the hourly rate.  

The average hourly rate for a PT in home health is $46.38, or $96,470.  

The average hourly rate for Physical Therapy Aide or Assistant is $30.34 or $64,000 annually. 


Here is a link from BLS that shows various occupations in home health.



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